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About Us

Clinic Mission StatementKen McAviney Chiropractor

We commit to having our focus on the health care and welfare of our patients as our primary reason for being in practice. Decisions regarding treatment are based on what is in the best interests of the patient, the same decisions we would make if it were for our family or ourselves. We try to give the best and safest treatment and advice that we can. If you can’t walk then we’ll do house calls. If you need bed traction then rather than you go to hospital we’ll set up bed traction in your home (we have three bed traction units). We will keep up to date with the latest developments in treatment. We will be conservative in giving treatment and err on the side of safety and comfort. We will listen to what you have to say.

About Ken

Ken graduated from the Sydney College as a Chiropractor and Osteopath in 1977 and two years later was awarded Doctorates in Chiropractic and Osteopathy. He was a senior lecturer in Orthopaedics at the Sydney College then Clinic Head. After the College course went into Macquarie University he work as a Senior Tutor in clinic workshops for fifth year students for some years and now gives the occasional guest lecture at the University. He is on the Advisory Board to the Centre for Chiropractic at Macquarie University and has been for many years. He was chairman for three and a half year up until 2004. He has given many lectures on technique at chiropractic seminars and conferences. Ken has served as a final examiner at the Sydney College and Macquarie University for more than twenty years.

About Sian

Dr Sian female chiropractor

Sian has worked in this clinic for twelve years and has graduated with a Batchelors and Masters degrees in Chiropractic. Sian has benefited from years of coaching by Ken and has learnt all that Macqaurie University course has had to offer. Sian has a special interest in soft tissue techniques.

About our clinic

Our clinic has modern chiropractic equipment which is kept up to date. There is a Hicaps facility which allows you to claim from your health fund ‘on line’ and pay the gap by cash, cheque or credit card. Children are welcome to come with you while you get treatment and we give a free check up to children of patients. We have expertise in scoliosis screening. Our youngest patient is one week and our oldest is ninety two. We are a primary care practitioner and a doctor’s referral is not needed unless you are on worker’s compensation or a Department of Veteran’s Affairs pension. We treat Department of Veteran’s Affairs pensioners and bill the department and we are Workcover providers.

In Conclusion

We’re committed to give you, your family and friends the best, safest and most cost effective treatment that we can. Please feel free to call us for more information on 02 9637 9476.